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Expo Time scale


A WORLD EXPO (International Registered Exhibition) is now held every five years and lasts a max of six months, while an International Expo (International Recognized Exhibition) sits between two World Expos and lasts for a max of three months.


Bids for Expo 2020

  • Brazil (Sao Paulo)
  • Russia (Ekaterinburg)
  • Thailand (Ayutthaya)
  • Turkey (Izmir)
  • United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

NEXT World Expo

Expo Milano 2015: (01 May to 31 Oct)

With the theme 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, Expo 2015 will hope to display tradition, creativity and innovation in the business of food.

Expo 2015 will be located on a 1.7 million sqm site north-west of Milan, comprising part of the municipal territory of Pero and Rho.

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